Are you tired of stepping in puddles of water around your property? Are you concerned about an excess amount of water pooling in your yard? Do you feel stressed when it rains because water flows uncontrollably through your property and threatens a flood to your house and foundation? Your worries may be over – we can help!

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If rainwater pools in low-level places on your property’s inclines or flows too close to the house, a trench must be dug and lined with gravel or rocks to divert the water. If this water isn’t contained and moved, it will flood your home or start to decay and capture mud, debris, and particles that will damage your property and make your landscaping unhealthy.

French Drains

Drainage systems have been traced back to Roman times. The word “drain” comes from the Old English word drincan, meaning “to scoop water out.”

A French drain is a trench filled with gravel and perforated with holes. It’s placed near the foundation of your house so that water can be collected and diverted away from it. This prevents water from seeping into your basement or crawlspace and causing further damage to your home. It works by allowing water to flow downhill, by the easiest route possible.

Generally, they’re used under sloping surfaces like driveways, patios or walkways where water tends to pool after a storm or heavy snowfall. When the soil around these areas freezes during winter months, it expands due to ice formation beneath it and can cause cracks in concrete slabs above ground level. By installing a French drain near these areas you’re able to divert rainwater away from them so that ice doesn’t form there at all!

French drains are connected to a storm drain or sewer. They are used to control water in areas where surface water is a problem, like parking lots and driveways.

If you want to make it easier to keep your property looking its best, French drains keep dirt from settling onto your lawn or driveway after a rainfall. This means that you won’t have any ugly puddles left behind when rain falls off roof tops toward low-lying areas like sidewalks and driveways.

French drains improve the look of your yard.

French drains are designed to look good. They can be hidden in your landscape, or they can be designed to match your landscape. They can also be designed to match your home’s architectural style, and will work with any type of architecture from traditional to modern.

We install French drains that make your yard look better than ever!

French drains are easy to maintain.

When you want to add beauty and functionality to your home, consider choosing a French drain. Not only are they easy to clean, but they are also replaceable. This will give your yard a fresh look and feel, while allowing you to continue enjoying its beauty for years to come.

Rios Landscaping, LLC provides the installation and repair of French drains as a solution to your excess water problems.

Signs you may need a French drain.

  • Water pools in your basement, crawl space, garage

If water is collecting in your house, it is very important to get the water to flow away from it. Water that pools in your foundation will eventually damage the house. It can turn into mold while attracting varments, mildew and unhealthy conditions. It will seep into the wood and turn into rot.

  • Wet, soggy yard

 If you have water standing in your yard or feel like you’re living in the Amazon rainforest after each rain, we can install a French drain. We will help with your design and functionality concerns to make sure your landscape stays dry. French drains work well with retaining walls and helps water flow where it needs to go. 

  • Water from your property seeps into your neighbors yard.

Besides the headache of having water all over your property, as a homeowner, it is your responsibility to make sure your property is contained. If you live in a community where space is tight, then it’s vital you have proper drainage that does not go beyond your property.

  • Water hangs out near your patio or entertaining area

Outdoor patios are a great place to spend time with friends and family. But when there’s too much water in the area, it can ruin your fun. Mosquitoes love to hang out and breed near water. One way to prevent this is to install a French drain so that water can be collected and redirected in another direction.

Rios Landscaping, LLC, will go over the layout of your property, find the drainage problems and offer you a solution for them. We will listen to your concerns and work with you to develop a strategic and customized plan to solve the problem.

If you have noticed that your French drain is old, damaged or leaking, contact our expert team for a thorough inspection. We will assess the cause of the issue and provide you with different options for repair or replacement.

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