We are Snohomish County’s family-owned and operated gardening and landscaping professionals. With 20 years of experience, we will transform your overgrown lawn into a beautiful aesthetic outdoor living space. We offer many aspects of landscaping, and our services include residential and commercial properties.
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It is our mission to make sure you have the best-kept lawn in Snohomish County. Our services focus on your specific lawn care needs. We can plant, transplant, renovate, and provide upkeep with professional results.
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Our team has the skills, tools, and knowledge to enhance your property and create the look you have in mind. We’ll maintain your lawn with quality care, precision and do it within your budget.
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About Rios Landscaping, LLC

The Most Reliable & Professional Company for Landscape Service.

In 1998, RIOS owner Juan seized an opportunity when an employer gave him an old lawnmower. Most people would throw it away, but Juan spent hours rebuilding the lawnmower, landscaping for others, and began supplementing his income to provide for his family. 

He and his wife, Shelly, began working overtime with the landscaping side business until they quit their day jobs. They hired dedicated professionals that now form their team, and the majority of their employees have stayed with them ever since.

The customer’s experience and satisfaction is always a priority. You can always count on them to do the job properly and to answer any questions or concerns. 

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We provide planting trimming, pruning, routine fertilizing with weed control and removal. Our lawn maintenance care is neat, precise, and accurate according to your specifications.

We cater to your custom design or help you create a plan that transforms your lawn and garden that fits your vision. We also maintain established gardens and keep them neat, clean, and growing. We will maintain water features, although we do not install them.

Retaining Walls

We build and design retaining walls to create space and support the earth. Retaining walls are supportive structures for gardens that hold up inclined land and loose, falling soil steadily in place. The walls provide excellent ground support, are decorative, and easily maintain hearty vegetation.

French Drains, Irrigation Systems & Repairs

French drains steer away pooling, muddy water that gets stuck in low areas and has the potential to flood your property. 

We have the design, tools, and solutions to manage standing water problems and provide your property with natural drainage.

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