Providing Landscaping Services in Snohomish

Pretty woman holding flowers in the garden


We provide planting trimming, pruning, routine fertilizing with weed control and removal. Our lawn maintenance care is neat, precise, and accurate according to your specifications.


We plant perennials and annuals of your choice and easily design a pleasant scenic retreat in your lawn and garden.


We take the time to bring health to your plants, trees, shrubs, and bushes with pruning techniques of the pros.


Messy bushes and shrubs crowd smaller plants and block the sun. We’ll be sure to bring space and sunlight to your garden to allow your vegetation to flourish.

Routine Fertilizing

Your flowers and plants will burst with color and vitality with our routine feeding, watering, and fertilizing. We bring life to your yard.

Weed Control

We have the tools and know-how to keep weeds from growing and taking over.

Landscaping and Renovations

We cater to your custom design or help you create a plan that transforms your lawn and garden that fits your vision. We also maintain established gardens and keep them neat, clean, and growing. We will maintain water features, although we do not install them.

Man in the Garden
flowerbed of colorful flowers against wall with windows

Retaining Walls

We build and design retaining walls to create space and support the earth. Retaining walls are supportive structures for gardens that hold up inclined land and loose, falling soil steadily in place. The walls provide excellent ground support, are decorative, and easily maintain hearty vegetation.

French Drains, Irrigation Systems & Repairs

French drains steer away pooling, muddy water that gets stuck in low areas and has the potential to flood your property.

We have the design, tools, and solutions to manage standing water problems and provide your property with natural drainage.

We install irrigation systems that allow proper watering and drainage for gardens. A simple irrigation solution for watering plants saves water by dripping and releasing water gently throughout the day. You no longer have to worry about dragging the hose around and flooding your plants with short bursts or overwatering. Our irrigation designs will save you time and money.

Low Voltage Lighting

We repair and install low voltage lighting (110V) for gardens, walkways, driveways, and patios. Outdoor lighting increases home security and safety at night. For a custom, high-end look, we install low-voltage lighting for your home’s exterior. Landscapes with soft, illuminated lighting enhance the look and feel of your home and create an outdoor luminary atmosphere.

Pretty woman holding flowers in the garden