Snohomish Fertilizing and Weed Control

Snohomish Fertilizing and Weed Control

We make your lawn and garden beautiful, functional, and flourishing all year long!

You have a beautiful yard and garden. You’ve spent countless hours planting, pruning, weeding, and mulching, only to find that pesky weeds are taking over your precious plants. Don’t despair! There are several ways to reduce the number of grasses, flowers, and shrubs sprouting up in your lawn or garden.

Weed control can be a major headache for anyone with a lawn or garden. Weeds are not only unsightly, but they take over and choke out the other plants in your yard. 

Rios Landscaping LLC is the answer to keeping your lawn or garden weed-free. Our professionals use the leading gardening tools and methods to preserve the appearance of your yard. We stop weeds from growing so that you can enjoy a weed-free lawn all year long.

Weeds are bad!

Weeds are everywhere and get in the way of the plants you want to see. When you call Rios Landscaping LLC, we’ll do a superior job at making your garden look its best.

Even better, we’ll tame those pesky weeds for you at an affordable rate.

Weeds can take over your lawn and garden if not properly managed. Weeds compete with wanted plants for nutrients, water, and light. 

They also attract pests like cutworms and slugs that feed on the leaves or stems of forest trees; these pests will then eat other plants’ leaves and stems instead. Blossoms that drop on the ground become seeds for next season’s crop of weeds! 

We use the best techniques in the landscaping industry for weed control.

Weed Control Methods

Organic weed control methods include mulch, hoeing, and pulling weeds by hand. Look for ways to minimize weeds in your garden; a few well-placed stones or a birdbath can be enough to keep weeds from taking over a spot.

We are happy to discuss landscaping designs and give you money-saving solutions for controlling weeds while maintaining a beautiful landscape.

We’ll add nutrients to your garden and vegetation with organic fertilizer.

While it’s possible to fertilize with organic matter, such as composted manure, many gardeners prefer the convenience of synthetic fertilizers. A soil test will tell you whether you need to add nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium to your garden.

Fertilizer is a key part of lawn care and helps reduce weeds in your lawn and garden. Fertilizer comes in two forms: organic and synthetic. Organic fertilizer contains ingredients from animal manure, composted plant matter, or byproducts of other industries.

Synthetic fertilizers cotain chemicals derived from petroleum products and natural gas to create nitrogen-containing compounds for use in cultivating plants.

Before you add fertilizer to your plants, consider some alternatives. Add organic material such as compost or manure to the soil before planting. As plants grow, prune them to encourage new growth that requires more nutrients.

  • Add organic material to the soil before planting. When it’s time to plant your new plants, dig in some compost or manure first. This will give them a jump start on the nutrients they’ll need later on.


  • Prune your plants as needed. As your plants grow, prune them regularly so that the leaves and stems can provide more food for themselves than for unwanted weeds in the garden.


  • Consider alternatives to fertilizer if you want a natural approach: mulch around plants with wood chips or straw, which will help conserve moisture and keep down weeds. 


  • You may also want to consider using pesticides only when necessary; try using environmentally friendly options like corn gluten meal or soap instead of an herbicide like Roundup (which is dangerous).

There are many different types of fertilizer, and they all serve different purposes. These include:

  • Starter fertilizer (high in nitrogen) or early-season feedings to boost root development and encourage deep green coloration later in the season.
  • Mid-season feedings add more nutrients to your lawn to maintain a healthy appearance for longer periods without additional feeding.
  • Lawn food (organic matter) provides moisture retention and encourages earthworms to help break down soil for better drainage during heavy rains or after fertilization application.

Weed control products, how they work, and the best application time.

Pre-emergent weed control

  • Weed and feed formulas, which are fertilizer combined with a pre-emergent herbicide (weed killer)
  • Seaweed extract products such as EcoSMART Natural Lawn Food, which contains saltwater extracts from kelp seaweed

Before using a pre-emergent product on your lawn or garden, read the label carefully to ensure you don’t apply it on days when it rains or if other factors might prevent good coverage.

Post-emergent weed control

Post-emergent weed control is a method of killing weeds after they have germinated. Post-emergent products work by spraying, watering, or mixing with mulch. When using these products, wait at least one week after seeding before applying post-emergent herbicides.

  • Many products on the market today are labeled for use as both pre- and post-emergent herbicides. Herbicide application is best before weeds grow up or when they are present in your lawn or garden bed. Some preemergence herbicides will do both tasks.

Weed pulling

Weed pulling is a highly effective way to control weeds without using chemical herbicides. Weeds grow from seeds, so when you pull the plant, its root and all, it breaks off and doesn’t regrow a new plant. 

To be extra thorough, remove the topsoil around each weed before pulling it up with your hands or a weeding tool. Removing weed roots will help prevent any seeds left behind from sprouting new weeds in your lawn or garden beds.

Local Climate

We do not recommend spraying your lawn with weed control products in the winter months when the soil is frozen. To avoid damage to your lawn, we recommend waiting until spring before applying any pesticides.

Please ask us questions. We are happy to help you with anything you need to keep your lawn healthy, strong, and vibrant throughout the year. 

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