Snohomish Gardening Services

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It can be nearly impossible to keep up with gardening in Snohomish County. The Northwestern winters wreak havoc on your property! Blown down trees, overgrown blackberry bushes, and out of control weeds take over your garden and leave you with a mess! You can’t clean all of this alone! 

Do you want a beautiful garden and yard full of green grass, healthy trees, and colorful flowers but don’t have the time to maintain it? We are here to help. Rio’s Landscaping will take care of all your needs, so you can do the things that matter most. We will water your plants at their ideal times, pick ripe vegetables, pull out the weeds and much more. Call us today at (360) 862-8702

A garden is a reflection of your soul, and you are never closer to nature than when you are in your garden. Imagine sitting in your own backyard, with colorful flowers blooming, plants thriving, and vegetables growing while you sit back and relax. At Rios Landscaping, we do all the work so you can enjoy all the beauty.

Snohomish Gardening Services

Are your shrubs and bushes crowding your prettier plants, blocking the sunlight and choking their potential? 

Do you have a vision for a lovely flower bed or want to create a garden to attract the birds? We are able to realize that vision for you, bringing space to your garden with our specialized gardening techniques. 

Everything from planting perennials and annuals, trimming, weeding, fertilizing, up to entire lawn maintenance care. Our specialists will ensure that your garden flourishes.

Snohomish County Gardening Services


If your garden looks a little sad, trust us to revitalize it. We’ll clear out your existing plants, show you how to replace your soil, and plant beautiful new perennials and annuals of your choice. 

If you tell us what flowers you want, we’ll plant them! We’ll even water your yard to ensure that you receive beautiful blooms in the future. Our expert landscape designers will help you create a lush garden space that looks like it came straight out of a magazine.


Plants need the right amount of water, sunlight, nutrients, and healthy soil to flourish. Pruning is just as important, yet many barely give it a second thought. With our services, plants are trimmed and shaped to encourage the very best in health and aesthetics. 

Each plant must get the right amount of direct sunlight. We consider how much light you get on each area of your property and for how long. With that information, we bring health to your plants, trees, shrubs, and bushes with pruning techniques of the pros.


Our landscapers are very skilled and meticulous at trimming every branch to make for a great-looking bush or shrub and give it the proper amount of space and sunlight to allow your vegetation to flourish.

Trimming your trees and bushes, keep plants as lush and healthy as possible. Trees, bushes, and shrubs often become infested with diseases or harmful insects that can be tough to spot. 

Removing dead and unhealthy growth will help you control the spread of these diseases and pests throughout your plants. If left untreated, a small problem can quickly spread throughout your property.

Routine Fertilizing

Our routine fertilizing service will give your flowers and plants the food required to grow healthy and strong. We use only the best fertilizer products, ensuring your plants are safe from environmental toxins. Your landscape will thrive and flourish with care and professional techniques.

Weed Control

Weed control can be a major headache for anyone with a lawn or garden. Weeds are not only unsightly, but they take over and choke out the other plants in your yard. Rios Landscaping is the answer to keeping your lawn or garden weed-free. Our lawn care professionals will use many tools and methods to stop weeds from growing and taking over while preserving the appearance of your yard.

At Rios Landscaping, we bring your garden to life

With all the beautiful scenery in The Pacific Northwest, we take pride in making Snohomish County gardens look as good as our surrounding nature. Our garden specialists will help you tend to all your needs, from planting to cleanup. We’ll work with your budget, so your garden stands out and brings you a sense of calm.

Don’t let your garden grow out of control! Call Rios Landscaping for an affordably priced garden care team. Your garden will look beautiful even after a Snohomish County winter. Spring is here, and we are ready to make your garden be the centerpiece of your outdoor living.

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“They did an excellent job on our yard. We originally hired them for lawn maintenance, but had them do some shrubbery work. The price was competitive, and Jose and Manuel were a pleasure to work with. Recommend them without any reservations.” ~ Jean A.