Landscaping and Renovations

We cater to your custom design or help you create a plan that transforms your lawn and garden that fits your vision. We also maintain established gardens and keep them neat, clean, and growing. We will maintain water features, although we do not install them.

Rio’s Landscaping is Snohomish County’s family-owned and operated gardening and landscaping professionals. With 20 years of experience, we will transform your overgrown lawn into a beautiful aesthetic outdoor living space.

For landscaping care, maintenance and renovations, call Rio’s Landscaping. (360) 862-8702


High Standards in Landscaping

We set the standard in landscape design and lawn care services. From landscape architecture to complete lawn maintenance, we can create the look you’ve always wanted. 

At Rios, we specialize in using only the best local plant material and high-quality mulches that are safe for your family, pets, and the environment. Our core values of honesty, integrity, and reliability have kept us in business in Snohomish County.

We are passionate about what we do and take pride in creating beautiful landscapes for our clients all over town. From landscape architecture to complete lawn maintenance, we can create the look you’ve always wanted. We are experienced in every aspect of landscape design and have the knowledge to make your outdoor spaces beautiful.


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Our services include:

  • Landscape design
  • Installation
  • Renovation
  • Maintenance
  • Lawn care services


We offer the best in quality materials, skilled craftsmen, and creative designs. You will enjoy working with us from the design phase through construction, renovation and maintenance. Our goal is to exceed your expectations!

Design Process

Rios Landscaping helps you realize your ultimate outdoor space and guides you to achieve the desired results. We accomplish this by listening attentively to your needs and wants, offering our knowledge and expertise to ensure we are all on the same page throughout the entire design process.

We execute a seamless landscape construction process and provide you with peace of mind throughout each phase as our team brings your vision for your outdoor living space to life.

Garden and Landscape Renovations

Do you have an older home with a previously well-established garden or want to refresh or revamp your existing garden with a new look? Rios Landscaping will design and construct a garden that is suitable for you. 

If you’re looking to start fresh, we will clean the area, and remove overgrown ferns, bushes, and other overgrown blackberry bushes to give your garden a blank slate. Then we’ll design and construct a garden that is perfectly suited for you.

We’re very excited to bring our landscaping expertise to your home—we’ve been doing this work professionally since 1998, so we know how to create beautiful gardens that will last for years.

The Value of a Full-Service Landscaping Company

Hiring Rios Landscaping is the best way to ensure that your plants, flowers, shrubs, and trees will thrive in their new environment. At Rios Landscaping, we are company familiar with:

  • Local climate conditions

The soil types in the Snohomish area – which can affect what species of plants grow well there in terms of type and quantity of nutrients, salinity, and drainage, is something we consider when Landscaping. Rios Landscaping has full knowledge of these variants and ensures that your garden can grow to its full potential.

  • Local pests and diseases 

Certain bugs love certain plants and are harmful if not controlled. And drought-resistant grass may not do so well if it competes with water-loving weeds for moisture. We get what works AND what doesn’t. We will save you money by helping you avoid costly mistakes when choosing plants for your landscape. 

  • The Care and Attention needed for landscaping

Our crew consists of dedicated lawn and garden enthusiasts that have exceptional experience. We implement training and safety measures to use the various gardening equipment and tools. We make it a priority to stay safe on your property. We pay close attention to detail and treat your lawn as if it were our own. We carefully listen to what you want and answer any concerns. 

It would help if you always considered the advantages of landscaping renovations, including improving the look of your home, increasing the value of your home, and reducing maintenance costs.

Another advantage of our landscaping services is that you can also plant some trees to provide shade and reduce cooling costs in summers. In winters, trees are a disadvantage as they block the heat from sunlight and reduce heating costs. 

Keep in mind that different areas may have different laws governing what you can or cannot do to your property. For example, suppose you live in an estate community with a homeowners’ association. In that case, you might need approval for any exterior changes made to your property’s structure or appearance. Don’t worry. We’re with you all of the way, and give complete guidance to your yard and landscaping renovations.

Rios Landscaping covers areas throughout Snohomish, including Monroe, Marysville, Lake Stevens, Everett, etc.

Call Rios Landscaping for more information. (360) 862-8702.