Low Voltage Lighting Repairs

What is low-voltage lighting? 

Inside the typical American household is high-voltage lighting.120-volts is the standard electrical measurement found in outlets that power lights and other electrical components in the home. Lighting that uses less than 110-volts is known as low-voltage lighting. Low-voltage lighting is also used inside the home but is commonly found in outdoor landscapes and gardens.

Low-level lighting is a great way to light up your garden in places where it would be impossible to install high-level voltage lighting, such as under trees or walls. It’s also perfect for lighting the path through a garden, so you can enjoy walking around it at night while still being able to see where you are going.

Low-level lights are available in all shapes and sizes, so there is something suitable for every situation. Small lanterns are perfect for hanging from trees, and larger ones will illuminate an entire wall or feature in the garden. Many homeowners use low-level voltage lighting to brighten their property. However, problems frequently arise with this sort of lighting.

If you notice that the light in your garden or landscape is not working, it is important to have someone take a look. There may be a problem that requires attention.

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  • Rios Landscapers are not electricians and do not install low-level voltage lighting but can make any necessary repairs.

Benefits of low-level voltage lighting

Low voltage lighting systems offer many advantages over traditional high-voltage systems. These systems are safer to maintain and they also cause less waste by using less energy than other outdoor lights, making them more environmentally friendly than most. 

The beauty of low-level lighting is that it can go almost anywhere! Homeowners frequently use it in all sorts of places and climates. Low-level lighting can be placed under a tree, buried in the ground, or entirely tucked away. You only have to think about where you want to put it and how best to use it for your landscape design.

Landscape lighting is one of the most popular forms of low-level lighting. It accentuates features like plants, trees, and walkways on a property. A good landscape design should include well-lit areas that are also aesthetically pleasing.

Landscape lighting can come in many different forms but typically involves ground-based fixtures that provide illumination below eye level. These lights are spaced apart to create a more natural effect—rather than an enclosed space with bright lights overhead, as you might find indoors or in parking lots. Some have automated timers that turn on at dusk and go off at dawn depending on the owner’s needs (and mood).

Low voltage lighting is usually safer for both people and pets. Low voltage fixtures are designed to emit light in an energy-efficient way. For example, the fixture might not emit enough light for you to read by, but it will still be bright enough to see the surroundings properly. This design will save money on utility bills since you won’t have to constantly change bulbs or buy new fixtures as often when they break down from being too old/overused!

Problems with low-level voltage lighting systems

There can be a few reasons why your low-level voltage system is not working. We ask that you call us before deciding to try and fix these problems by yourself. You may require a professional electrician if the problems extend beyond ordinary circumstances.

  • Electrical outlets are not working
  • Outdoor lighting is not working
  • Wiring is exposed, corroded, or damaged. If you see exposed wire, it’s a good idea to have an electrician evaluate the situation. Wires that are corroded look faded or brown with rust spots and may be brittle. Damaged wiring insulation will look melted or charred and may even smell like burnt plastic when you examine it closely. In some cases, the insulation on a cable has been damaged by rats chewing through it in search of food within your walls—a common problem in older homes with low voltage electrical systems!
  • The connecting pigtail (the black box) between two pieces of equipment has corrosion on either end that prevents proper connection between devices such as light fixtures and switches; this can cause flickering lights at times due to loose connections inside these boxes themselves (which also make them more prone to short-circuiting).

Rios Landscaping, LLC repairs and installs 110v low-level landscape lighting.

If you’ve tried everything and are not having any luck with your lighting, please call us. We repair low-voltage lighting for gardens, walkways, driveways, and patios. We can troubleshoot the issue with your current system and have experience dealing with them. We are happy to help with your landscape lighting. 

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