Most preferred Snohomish Landscaping and Gardening Maintenance Services

Ongoing maintenance of Snohomish County gardens and landscapes is a tough job! When your landscaping is not maintained properly, it doesn’t look good. Overgrown weeds destroy your plants while blackberry bushes grow to no end.

Keeping up with landscaping and gardening takes an enormous amount of time, even on a small property. As enjoyable as it is, it is backbreaking work and hard to do alone. It might be the last thing on someone’s mind after getting home from work. You may be incredibly tired, sore, and hungry. You still have to keep up with your lawn and garden no matter what. 

We understand that not everyone has time to design garden space, buy plants, mow the grass, fertilize everything, clean out flower beds, plant flowers, mix dirt, and more and more. You may be up to your ears in weeds and dirt when you decide you need help.

Making use of a professional landscaping company is your solution.

At Rios Landscaping, we make your life simple with affordable landscaping and gardening services. Call (425) 862-8702.

Benefits of Professional Lawn and Garden Maintenance

1. Saves time

Saving time is something everyone has to do in this day and age. You can not do everything that is needed. Especially when you own a house and property, the amount of work to keep everything up-to-date includes a never-ending to-do list. You can not do everything. You can call and ask for help from affordable lawn care and gardening experts. Because RIOS is an all-in-one landscaping and garden company, we have the tools, equipment, and team to help you get the job done. What might take a person a few days, we can do in a few hours. Before you know it, you will have a clean, organized, and well-maintained lawn and garden.

2. Saves money

You will not have to worry about making costly trips to the local garden store. People do not always make a good plan when gardening or taking care of their lawn. You might often find out that you ran out of something, so it’s back to the store where impulsive purchases happen, or you buy something you plan to use later but never get to that plan. Or, as soon as you get home, you realize you forgot something and have to keep returning to the store. Gardening and lawn mistakes occur, making you have to redo the whole thing again and return to a garden center for help. Talk to us first. We put together a strategic plan for your lawn and garden and carry out the job as planned! 

3. Reduce your risk of injury

Landscaping and gardening are backbreaking and dangerous work. If you are not familiar with the tools and how to use them, you could hurt yourself. Even with the easiest tools, there is constant bending, moving, lifting, and extreme pressure on the body. Our team is experienced and physically capable of the work. They are trained for safety with our tools, including heavy-duty equipment that finishes work faster than one person.

4. Ongoing Maintenance

We do all of the weeding, pruning, trimming, and cleaning around your plants for a beautiful, aesthetic look. We fertilize, feed, and keep plants healthy, colorful and vibrant. We clean and maintain water features. You will be amazed at the professional look of your Snohomish County garden and lawn.

5. Choosing Plants, Design & Placement

We plant several perennials, annuals, trees, shrubs, and bushes. The best part is you get to plan with us and let us know what you have dreamt up for your property. We have ideas and solutions for a custom lawn care plan. We may have ideas that you didn’t know were possible. If you have a design you are set on, we’ll cater to it. If you are on a tight budget, we are happy to make recommendations that fit.

6. French Drains, Irrigation Systems & Repairs

It’s important to ensure that your lawn and garden drain water efficiently. We have the solutions to take care of standing and pooling water for natural drainage. We repair and navigate irrigation systems and french drains. 

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