Snohomish Retaining Walls and French Drains are Ready for Installation.

This year, Retaining Walls and French Drains are popular orders in Snohomish. Don't delay your order. Rios Landscaping LLC. is ready to start on your landscaping needs.

Retaining walls and french drains are sought-after orders this spring as the weather is warming quickly. Retaining walls are a way to slow down water’s erosion power, while French drains keep standing water out of your basement. Call Rios Landscaping LLC. to hold your space for a retaining wall, irrigation system, or French drain installation. (360) 862-8702

Retaining walls and French drains are important to your landscaping. Rios Landscaping LLC. will help you create the perfect environment for your home. We provide quality landscaping by experienced landscaping professionals at an affordable price.

Contain dangerous water and soil erosion with professional hardscapes.

Water can be incredibly destructive, especially when it comes to erosion. Erosion is the wearing away of land by the force of water or wind. It can lead to serious problems for property owners and homeowners by causing structural damage to buildings, such as foundations and walls.

Water and soil erosion can ruin your yard and cause damage to your lawn, house, and finances if not contained with hardscapes. Water erosion is a challenge on flat land but becomes especially problematic in steep terrain.

Water moves faster as it runs down hillsides and can easily pick up sediment in its path, which then causes further damage. Tilling around plants and flower beds only increases the problem by encouraging more runoff and sediment in the water. The only way to stop this damage is through erosion control landscaping.

We help you manage landscaping on slopes and inclines.

Landscaping can be awkward and burdensome if you live on a property with slopes and inclines. If your property or house is sloped, you need excavation services to level the ground and make it workable. If you don’t, water, mud, and sludge will pool above ground and destroy your property or, even worse, your neighbor’s.

Landscaping can be a lot more manageable with the right landscaping professionals. Landscaping services are vital to your property. Having a slanted or uneven yard can be both impractical and illegal. Make sure your property stays in tip-top shape with our excavation services!

A retaining wall, rockery, or French drain creates space and defines boundaries for your yard.

Your yard can benefit from retaining walls and rockeries if you need to solve drainage issues. Retaining walls and rockeries will help solve drainage issues by creating a level surface where water drains to a safe, designated area.

Rios Landscaping LLC. provide years of expertise in the design and construction of retaining walls and french drains in and around the Snohomish area. We are the best retaining wall contractors in the Pacific Northwest. We provide drainage and erosion solutions to keep your yard functioning at it’s best.

We’ll visit your property, listen to your concerns, and develop a customized plan based on your specifications. Then, we’ll get to work on building a beautiful hardscape that provides beauty and functionality.

Retaining Walls

Retaining Walls and Rockeries are an easy way to give your yard the look you’ve always wanted. They take advantage of the natural lay of your terrain to make the most of your yard’s existing space. Our experienced crew will help you design and install a custom retaining wall or rockery. 

Please see our services for Retaining Walls, French Drains & Irrigation Systems.

Benefits of a Retaining Wall

  • Customized to highlight the focal points
  • Enhances the look of your house
  • Ensures proper drainage
  • Looks professional, sleek, and affluent
  • Makes a smaller house appear grand
  • Makes great use of the property’s space
  • Produces a clean and orderly look
  • Retaining walls combat the gravity that pulls down mud and soil.
  • Retaining walls stabilize and support the earth.
  • Stabilizes and supports soil

French Drains

In order to keep your landscaping from turning into mud, standing water must be contained. A drainage system should be installed to ensure the area drains properly and efficiently.

Your property is susceptible to flooding, especially when it rains. You can do a few things to prevent water damage in your yard, but the best method is installing a french drain. It helps divert water away from the property line and prevents puddling in your yard.

Protect your home and your family with French drains. Call us immediately if water from your yard has seeped into your neighbor’s property. We can save you thousands of dollars in damages, repairs, and legal fees by installing a French Drain so that you can keep water no matter how heavy the rain may be! Rios Landscaping LLC is your #1 French Drain Contractor in Snohomish. Call (360) 862-8702.

Benefits of French Drains

  • Controls erosion
  • Controls seeping water
  • Looks nice
  • Prevents standing water
  • Prevents toxic rainwater runoff
  • Quick Installation

The Difference is Rios Landscaping LLC.

We are family owned and operated local business. We care about our customers, local businesses, and community. We strive to create a complete experience for our customers that exceeds expectations.

The customer’s experience and satisfaction are always our priority. You can always count on us to do the job properly and to answer any questions or concerns.

Call Rios Landscaping LLC. before spring begins! We’re excited to get started! (360) 862-8702

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